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How it works

There are firstly 2 questions that you need to be able to answer before you start to look for someone to help you


    What date, time of day and for how long do I need someone to be with the person I care for?


    Please remember that today, tomorrow, or even this week is too short notice to make these arrangements. If you have an urgent medical appointment (and the person you are caring for lives in Birmingham), please contact the Carers Emergency Response Service on 0121 442 2960.

Caring For Carers Day and Time
Caring For Carers

    If you don’t live with the person that you are caring for, what address will they be at?


    Currently this is a service for people who are being cared for in Birmingham.

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Our Service

Things to consider?

You might not need the answers to the next 2 questions immediately, but it is a good idea to start thinking about the answers:

Caring For Carers
  • Q3

    What might the person you are caring for like to do while you are out?

  • A

    Watch television or listen to the radio?

  • B

    Sit in the garden?

  • C

    Go out to the local shops, or to meet a friend?

  • D

    Chat about what is going on in the community

  • E

    Play a board game?

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  • Q4

    What help might the person that you are caring for need while you are out?

  • A

    Needs help moving about the house or garden?

  • B

    Will they need help going to the toilet?

  • C

    Will they need help getting in or out of bed?

  • D

    Will they need help getting dressed or undressed?

  • E

    Will they need help preparing or eating a meal?

  • F

    Will they need help to take medication?

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Caring For Carers how can you benefit

Our Service

How can you benefit

Each time you book a sitter some of the money you pay goes to helping maintain this service register. Also, each time you leave feedback and tell your friends, it gives them the confidence to give it a go for themselves.

Each time that happens, a carer is getting a break – and we all know how important that is!

So you see, we really can’t do it without you.

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Service search

How to find a service?

  • 1

    Choose their location and search

  • 2

    Look through the list

  • 3

    Send an enquiry to any that interest you

  • 4

    Arrange to meet the one you like

  • 5

    Agree date and time and pay

  • 6

    Service is delivered

  • 7

    Leave feedback and tell your friends

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